Opening for Matthew Fowler at Red Clay on August 4 was a great way to end the summer!

Finally back in Atlanta for the end of summer and what a way to end it! Was so excited to be back on stage after traveling the last two months and was thrilled to open for the amazing Matthew Fowler at Red Clay on Saturday, August 4! With a 40 minute set, I got to play some new songs, as well as some favorites, and loved being back in Duluth and at Red Clay Music Foundry. What a great venue and town! So thankful for Eddie for asking me to play and for his encouragement and support from the beginning. Matthew was completely amazing and the Prado Sisters were incredible, as well. Together, they make a beautiful sound and it was a wonderful treat to hear them and support their show. Great songs, great harmonies. You definitely want to check them out!

Looking forward to the next time I'm back! 

Jenny Gipson